Black Bull Biochar

Scaling greenhouse gas removal

Our Mission
We exist to rapidly scale greenhouse gas removal technologies by bringing together industry and agriculture on a pioneering platform that uses biochar to restore our environment, remove carbon and enrich our industrial and agricultural systems.
Biochar stabilises the carbon contained in biomass, preventing carbon returning to the atmosphere. It is produced by heating biomass in a low-oxygen environment through a process called pyrolysis.

The application of biochar to the soil can rapidly increase soil carbon stocks for thousands of years, benefitting agricultural production without the need to alter farm management practices.
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Join The Network.
As global systems are rewired, an opportunity exists to optimise value chains with the planet in mind. New partnerships and communities will form to collaborate on the climate project, bringing together pioneers from agriculture, industry and technology. To join the network of producers and users of biochar, or learn about biochar systems and their benefits, get in touch.