Our Mission
We exist to rapidly scale greenhouse gas removal technologies by bringing together industry and agriculture on a pioneering platform that uses biochar to restore our environment, remove carbon and enrich our industrial and agricultural systems.
Reimagining the industry
BBB arose from the founders' shared view that greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies need to scale rapidly to combat climate change. Biochar is the frontrunning GGR technology in terms of energy and economic cost (and benefits for soil, climate and livestock), yet it has failed to scale commercially. We believe that the reason for failure boils down to the business model, not the technology. BBB is here to change that...

We see a future where suppliers and users of GGR technologies are connected through our easy-to-use online platform that allows biochar pioneers to buy, sell, learn and verify the impacts of their GGR solution. Once this system is established, our platform lays the foundation to allow multiple companies to integrate themselves into an international B2B GGR network.

BBB is the first spin-off from dss+, a global operations consulting firm with the purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future.
Alex Clarke, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Alex is a pragmatic entrepreneur committed to using digital innovation to enable climate change tackling solutions. He spun out BBB from dss+ in 2022 to build the platform and enable carbon removal on the gigatonne scale.

Alex has an R&D management background, formerly working for the UK’s independent scientific academy, the Royal Society managing projects on carbon capture & utilisation, green hydrogen and green ammonia. Since then, Alex has been in industry managing innovation projects funded by BEIS, UNCDF, Clasp, Factor-E, Shell Foundation, CDC, Mastercard and InnovateUK. He is a certified Product Manager through Product Focus (Credential ID 1870) and is currently studying an MBA through The Power MBA programme. Alex was awarded the Horner Foundation Scholarship for a double MSc in Sustainable Development & Energy from the University of St Andrews and Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He also holds a BSc in Environmental Geoscience from Cardiff University.
Hamish Creber, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Hamish is an engaging and innovative biochar researcher dedicated to creating viable biochar systems in response to climate change. His goal – to support widescale industry adoption of biochar through system optimisation in agriculture and forestry.

Hamish is on the cusp of finishing his PhD at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Forest Research. His work involves maintaining and assessing large scale biochar field trials and long-term experimental plots, researching the delivery of phosphorus through biochar amendment in forest establishment and developing life cycle analysis models for woodland creation and nursery tree production. Through collaboration with industry partners, Hamish has created a decision support system to optimise carbon storage potential and calculate the net zero year for woodland creation. Prior to his role at the University of Edinburgh, Hamish worked as a Forest Manager at Savills where he was responsible for managing and implementing publicly funded afforestation projects.
Tilak Nathwani, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Tilak is an economist with product and project financial management experience. He has ensured effective financial management and compliance for climate resilient development projects, funded by a range of bilateral donors, multilaterals and private sector clients including Mastercard Foundation, Shell Foundation, USAID and UK FCDO.

Previously, he has applied systems and design thinking to enhance the utility of clean energy and rural digital financial services to promote economic empowerment. Tilak has a particular interest in the application of innovative technologies to scale climate solutions across markets and further financial inclusion in a development context.

He has extensive field experience in sub-Saharan Africa and is a fluent English and Swahili speaker. Tilak holds a BSc in Economics with Finance from the University of Sheffield.