Benefits of biochar
Biochar is a nutrient and carbon-rich soil additive made from plants. Using biochar on farm allows you to reap its benefits for livestock welfare, crop productivity, and overall soil health.

Bedding Conditions

Biochar suppresses bacterial build up and absorbs moisture in bedding to keep livestock clean and comfortable.

Organic Fertiliser

Biochar elevates nutrient availability in organic fertiliser and crop nutrient uptake once it is applied to soil.

Crop Productivity

Biochar acts as a semi-biological fertiliser, improving nutrient cycling in soil and promoting root development.

Environmental Protection

Biochar enhances crop reslience to climate-related stressors, and reduces emissions from stored manure.

Soil Water

When used as a soil amendment , biochar improves soil water-holding capacity and plant available soil water.

Soil Carbon

Biochar increases organic soil carbon, without requiring any maintenance or long-term changes to soil management.
Making biochar work for you
Tailoring biochar to different use cases will help you maximise its benefits on your farm. At BBB, we are committed to working closely with you to select the right products and achieve your desired outcomes from biochar.
Livestock Bedding
A thin layer of biochar in livestock bedding acts as an absorbent and desiccant. It slows the moisture accumulation and helps reduce bacteria in bedding, while decreasing ammonia emissions.
Organic Fertilizer
Biochar in organic fertiliser improves composting and nutrient retention. It also reduces ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions and leaching from stored manure.
Soil Amendment
Once biochar is added to soil either directly or in manure, it acts as a semi-biological fertiliser, increasing good soil microbes. Its porous structure improves soil water properties and nutrient availability, making crops more resistant to climate stressors.
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