Our Offering
We are building a scalable business-to-business (B2B) platform that creates high quality biochar at a low cost. Through our digital solution, we bring together suppliers and customers on a pioneering platform that scales biochar production and use.
For biochar suppliers, we enable you to bring biochar to market.
We help you find the best pyrolysis solution for your site
We create an economical and renewable heat source
We collaborate to help you produce specified biochar products
We add value to biomass and secure demand for biochar
For biochar customers, we provide you with a high-quality biochar tailored to your needs
We ensure verified carbon insetting for your business
We can show you the key impacts of biochar through the BBB dashboard
We use green finance to provide you with the best cost solution
We provide an easy-to-use service that delivers biochar straight to you
Illustration of network consisting of nodes connected to a central BBB one
Join The Network.
As global systems are rewired, an opportunity exists to optimise value chains with the planet in mind. New partnerships and communities will form to collaborate on the climate project, bringing together pioneers from agriculture, industry and technology. To join the network of producers and users of biochar, or learn about biochar systems and their benefits, get in touch.